Hip hop have always been energetic and free-form. Artists out to get bigger audience will battle it out onstage, with the one receiving loudest response as the winner. No scripts, no plan, battles fought as opponents respond to each lyrics the other can throw. Though an approval could be resounding, the audience is known to be ruthless and quick to react. The exhilaration of each hip hop battle makes it distinct.

The charisma of hip hop emanates out of the artists out to be heard and their desire to send their message. The fact hip hop originated from the deprived streets of the city makes it somewhat ironic that the efforts of the first hip hop artists to earn through other means led the music to mainstream center stage. The rampant profanity of the early artist made the buzz about hip hop music a guilty pleasure for an audience craving something new, and made it grow that much more.

Early artists like The Notorious BIG, P. Diddy, Ice T, Ice Cube, and Eminem brought their talents, drama and creativity to this new audience in such a way that the market could not get enough of them. Territorial wars and conflicts with law enforcement added a certain x-factor that not even early popular artists achieved before. More people who wanted to know the music created an entire sub-culture and sales, fueled by notoriety, boomed.

The rise of female artists began, surpasssing records of their own and fighting for their right on the hip hop stage among the dominant males of the music. Artists like Queen Latifa, Mary J. Blige, and Little Kim introduced a bold and sleek new flavor to the conventionally violent and offensive nature of the men`s music. Other artists burned bright and faded, the lure of quick cash causing them to make unfortunate choices that ended their careers or lives.

Music downloads and other changes in the industry were repressing the hip hop frenzy. Record labels created during the craze were closing left and right. Telivision shows, movie making, launching clothing lines, were just few of the many endeavors that caught the attention of former artists as they turn away from the music they paved way for.

The buzz about hip hop music fading, it was beginning to look like there was not going to be a place for the genre any longer in the new millennium to come. Instead, it allowed another aspect of the genre to materialize. New artists like TI, Ludicris, Neo and others are now singing to the women rather than degrading them, and are leading the way back to the communities they came from. They honor their originators in a manner not seen often in the music industry.

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