Creating old school hip hop music is not as simple as taking all the old vinyl records out to be scratched with all your might. To create a perfectly unique sound that people will crave for, one must possess a sense for the rhythms and talent in mixing everthing together into an excellent blend.

Hundreds of books have gone out, covering all about old school hip hop music, how it is to be an artists and the tools needed in being one. Reading about it, and performing it, are two totaly different things, one can give you info and the other the actual experience.

To perform this type of music, first thing to do is listen. Find copies of the original records and listen deeply to how the beats flow with the lyrics. While listening, try to distinguish between the words and the beat. Now, you are beginning to discover old school hip hop music.

The beat in old school hip hop music was the heart of the sound. The sequences and samples carried the lyrics along and kept the fans dancing and listening. Next step in performing old school hip hop is developing your own method of mixing. The beats have to flow through the sample tracks, carrying listeners on a rhythm going to the next sample cluster, over and over until the end of the song.

If the beats are the heart of old school hip hop music, then lyrics are its soul. All the excellent beats in the world don`t add up to anything if the lyrics strike the wrong chord with the listener. The roots of old school hip hop are in the poetry brought by immigrant artists, and to be able to perform the music right, you must be able to make a connection to those roots.

You will need technical gear to blend it all together into an old school hip hop music sound, of course. Quality wouldn`t come cheap, top of the line equipment could be quite expensive. You will need an industry standard sampler to start. A tool that enables you to record fragments of rhythms and beats in high quality and without distortion. You then need a quality sequencer to finesse the beats into the proper rhythm you are seeking for the new mix.

To advance your adaptaion of old school hip hop music you will need a mixer, one that is top of the line. This will allow you to synthesize everything together: samples, sequences, all blended together into a good stereo sound. One last thing you`ll need is a multi-track recording equipment to smoothly blend everything up.

If you are low on funds, but still have the itch to recreate old school hip hop music, turn to your home computer. There are software packages out there that will do the work of the studio quality equipment, and will produce a decent sound. Burn your creations onto CDs and listen to it in a good stereo system and check to see if you`ve got everything down perfectly.

Patience, an appreciative ear, and a knack for music will help you on your way to recreating that old school hip hop music. Let the beats carry you away, and fill your soul with the poetry before making your own creations, and you just might find your own way of paying an homage to old school hip hop music.

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