Hip hop music these days, is starting to lose its popularity. The dawn of instant music downloads made possible through the internet made music listeners more choosy when it comes to music quality. Making the same style over and over became unreliable for artists looking to boost record sales. Today`s fans expect creativity from them to capture their attention and keep them wanting more.

Proper beats used to almost surely yield hits. Unlike before, hip hop music can no longer depend on beats alone. To draw the audiences of today, one needs something distinct, without completely straying from the fundamentals of the hip hop genre. You now need lyrics that are not like anyone else`s songs.

Like all history, things are bound to be repeated. Peppering hip hop music today are those artists who think that all they need to be different is just to have beats mixed in with lyrics that work, even if they were done by someone else. The popularity of remixes became imminent as die hard disco fans between the late 70s to early 80s took out some old records and combined it with some disco beats and turned them into hits aimed to revive disco. Some artists resorted to this old trick after being faced with the need to improve record sales and bring fans back.

It did work, for a little while. But fans are fickle, and those artists who rode on another`s coat tails soon found that their sales were falling off once more. Then artists like Ludicris and TI came along, they and others like them found writing their own words a better way than copying. A new phase of hip hop music today began: themed albums. Following the footsteps of early 80s` groups, new artists reexplore the art of making albums revolving around a central theme and pursued writing original lyrics. It worked like a charm.

Artists of today filled hip hop music with high quality songs that they write and compose on their own. With themes that range from finding love to living a charmed life, hip hop artists are reaching greater heights in popularity that is not easy to achieve in a digital world. The internet runs today`s music world, and feeding the fans` hunger for quality exclusive tracks is the key to great sales and to battling the competitions. As the drive for more creative works continues, those who cannot handle it are falling by the wayside, making room for the true poets of hip hop today to rise above the rest, forging the next chapter of hip hop music today.

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